Top 5 Fastest cars in the world 2021

from Zero to Sixty

Speed has captivated humanity for centuries. Foot races in old Greece and chariot races in Rome led to cutthroat speed, and man has never thought back. However, it wasn’t until the primary vehicles arose out of carports across Europe that man’s journey for speed took off. Today, pretty much every vehicle can hit 100 mph and most family cars will breeze past 120. Execution vehicles regularly play around 140 to 170. However, our requirement for speed looks past that.

What was at one time a mission for 200 mph in a creation vehicle presently sits at 300, as automakers endeavor to add more force, more astute optimal design, and start to carry out electric engines, all for the sake of speeding up. Here’s a finished assortment of the quickest vehicles – at present underway or scheduled to move off the sequential construction system sooner rather than later – in the world.

1. Rimac Nevera 2022

From zero to sixty in just 1.85 seconds, the Rimac Nevera will be one of the fastest cars on the road. Costing a cool two million euros, it’s all-electric, and it’s made in Croatia.

2. 2020 Bugati Chiron Super Sport 300+

Bugatti claims that is enough to launch the car from 0-200km/h in 5.8 seconds, with the 300km/h milestone arriving after 12.1 seconds. No 0-100km/h time has been quoted, however the standard Chiron – which is almost certainly slower – conquers the benchmark.

Top Speed: 304 MPH
0-60: 2.3 Seconds
Horsepower: 1,600 Horsepower
Torque: 1,180 Pound-Feet
Price: $3.9 Million

3. 2021 Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

The Jesko though is a different animal all together. Producing over 1600 horsepower from its 5.0L V8 the rear-wheel-drive monster that the Koenigsegg Jesko is, will reach 330MPH with 0-60 mph dusted in 2.5 seconds.

Top Speed: 330 MPH
0-60: N/A
Horsepower: 1,600 Horsepower
Torque: 1,106 Pound-Feet
Price: $2.8 Million

4. 2021 Hennessey Venom F5

Built around a U.K.-built carbon-fiber tub weighing only 192 pounds and a mid-mounted turbo V-8 named “Fury,” the Venom F5 is claimed to have a zero-to-62-mph time of 2.6 seconds and a top speed above 311 mph.

Top Speed: 311 MPH
0-60: 2.4 Seconds
Horsepower: 1,817 Horsepower
Torque: 1,193 Pound-Feet
Price: $1.8 Million

5. 2021 SSC Tuatara

SSC doesn’t quote the hypercar’s 0-60 time. But it can do 60-120 in just 2.5 seconds, Motor1 reports. To control that level of speed and power, the SSC Tuatara has a few more performance-oriented features. Changing its driving mode from Sport (the default) to Track lowers the ride height for extra stability.

Top Speed: 282.9 MPH
0-60: 2.5 Seconds
Horsepower: 1,750 Horsepower
Torque: 1,280 Pound-Feet
Price: $1.9 Million

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