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Game of Thrones gave me my future family

Kit Harington. (Image: Reuters)

Kit Harington. (Image: Reuters)

Kit Harington opens up about why Game of Thrones is so special for him.

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  • Last Updated: September 20, 2018, 8:58 IST

After HBO’s blockbuster show Game of Thrones bagged three major Emmy Awards on Tuesday, including the one for Best Drama Series, actor Kit Harington aka Jon Snow said the iconic show has changed everything for him.

Referring to meeting his wife, actor Rosie Leslie on the show, he said GoT gave him a family. “I met my wife on this show, in that way it gave me my future family, that’s the main thing it did for me,” he told Fox News.

He also said that GoT has “changed it completely” for him, and that he couldn’t have asked for a better job in his 20s than to be an actor in the path-breaking series.

In June, Kit and Rose — who played Ygritte (Jon’s love interest) in the show — got married in a beautiful ceremony at Scotland’s Kirkton of Rayne church.

Both 31 years old, they met for the first time on GoT’s sets in 2012. However, Rose left the cast in 2014 after her character got killed and went on to star in US legal drama The Good Fight.

The couple announced their engagement in September 2017 through a notice in the Times of London newspaper.

Earlier this month, explaining the reason behind not giving up his Jon Snow look even after having wrapped up the last season’s filming, Kit said he needed to keep it in case reshoots are required to accommodate a visual effect or any other last-minute change.


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