<pre>Watch: This Powerful Poem From #NotInMyName Protest Will Give You Goosebumps

'Yahan is dupatta ki lambai, and I do not know how to chaudayi and I have to say that I have a lot of shirt, I have got it here.'

 Watch: This Powerful Poem From #NotInMyName Protest Will Give You Goosebumps
Image credits: Abu Sufian / Facebook
Massive The protesters were organized under “Not In My Name” campaign to demand justice for victims of Kathua and Unnao cases that have jolted India.

Human chains were formed in Thiruvananthapuram, including many people including celebrities Mumbai in stepped out and sentenced to death penalty for rapists, protesters marched down Parliament Street in the capital city and called for rapes trials to be completed in six months.

“Am I next?” a young girl protesting in a placard Kochi
 People from all walks of life have come forward and collectively condemned the heinous crimes.
Now, a video from the protests has surfaced on Facebook that shows two young girls reciting a gut-wrenching poem, reminding us how to rely on a society that is full of discrimination.

Here are some of the verses :

Yahan sab cheezo ka mol-bhaav hai hai
Aankhon se tapke hu aansu bhi aate-jaate hain
It has been found that it is known that it is the only person who has the ability to lend money to

Dil Ka Dard bayan karte hue une shabade ke hai keemat lagti hai
I have seen many things – gol, band gubbaro mein [19659008] Issue of chandni ki chandni ki bhi jiata hai

For more details, I like to mention that I have written a book in the book,
Gulaab Ki Mehek I have also been asked to make a trip to
Kyunki inn bazaro meh khat bhi akhbar banakar jaate hain

Meri padhhai-likhai ka bhi mol-bhaav hota hai hain hain kuchla jaata hai [19659008] Use Apni Gandi Soch ki juti se
Kyunki yahan sab cheez ka mol-bahav hota hai

Mere pyaar ko bhi jiata hai
Aur uska mol-bhaav hota hai
Unn Batuwo mein pade noton se

Yahan is the only dupatta, and I do not know how to chauday
Aur bat I know that I have got a lot of shirt and lightning,

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