The alligator was later cornered and relocated.

We’re guessing Florida locals are by now no longer surprised to see alligators and crocodiles, but tourists at this Florida motel would have received a shock on seeing one strolling through the corridors.

A Florida sheriff’s office posted a video of an alligator, less than 5-foot-long, walking around a motel on Sunday.

The Highlands County Sheriff’s Office shared a video to Facebook showing the gator wandering past room doors at the Quality Inn in Sebring, Florida.

“We aren’t sure if this little guy got locked out of his room at the Quality Inn in Sebring this afternoon or what. Maybe he was just looking for the tiki bar to get a margatorita,” joked the police.

Watch the video below:



According to the post, the gator was cornered by a licensed trapper and relocated.

The video has been viewed over 70,000 times since it was shared two days ago, and the comments on it range from amused to terrified.

“Could you imagine coming out of your room and it being right there?” writes one commenter. “Don’t you just love the pets we have here in Florida,” jokes another.

Only a couple of weeks ago, an alligator was found taking a dip in a family’s pool in Florida, while another was found strolling through a golf course.

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