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  1. Rahul Gandhi's sharp target on PM Modi
  2. said – PM ruined the country's banking system
  3. Good days are just for Nirvava Modi, Mehul Choksi

Amethi: Between sudden disappearance of cash from ATM in many states of the country Congress President Rahul Gandhi Highly focused on Narendra Modi. He said that by giving 'good days' to fugitive diamond traders Neerav Modi and Mehul Choksi, they have ruined the country's banking system. Rahul also criticized Modi for making silence on the banking scandal by diamond traders.

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Rahul said, “Modiji ruined the banking system.” Neerav Modi ran away with Rs 30,000 crore and Prime Minister did not say a word. ” They said, “We were forced to stand in the queue because they put 500-1000 rupees in our pocket and put it in the pocket of Neerav Modi.” Rahul was answering the question of not being cashless at the country's ATM.

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Rahul said that the Prime Minister was afraid of speaking in the second phase of the budget session. Work was not done due to protests by various parties at this stage. They said, “If we had been allowed to speak in the Parliament about the Rafale issue, Nirav Modi, then the Prime Minister can not face us.”


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Congress President said that Modi personally knew Neerav Modi and Choksi and called him 'Neerav Bhai' and 'Mehul Bhai'. Rahul said, “The promise of 'good day' made by his (Prime Minister) for the country was for only 15 people, including Neerav Modi and Mehul Choksi, for the poor of this country, including farmers, laborers, daily wages, Are bad days. ”

Rahul Gandhi

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