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Special things

  1. There are a lot of TV and Bollywood stars in the film
  2. Action-packed movie
  3. Use of Great Music

New Delhi: Bhojpuri Film Trailer of 'Halfway Machhe Geil' is released. The trailer and music of this Bhojpuri film, which plays the lead role of Raghav Nayyar, has been released in Mumbai. At this time there were celebrities like director Jodi Abbas Mastan, famous villain Prem Chopra and actor Sunil Shetty, actress Rakhi Sawant, actor Raza Murad and Payal Rohatgi. The story of the film is a spoiled boy and his father. There is a lot of romance and action spice in the film and in it the potential is showing its dance skills from Seth to Payal Rohatgi.

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from this sequel movie. Halfway Machke Gail ' is produced by Ramesh Nayyar while director is Premanshu Singh. Raghav and Shipra's duo are being launched from this movie. Other artists include Awadhesh Mishra, Anoop Arora, Karan Pandey and Samarth Chaturvedi. The music of 'Halpha Machacha Geil' has been given by Ghungroo while choreographer Pappu Khanna is there.

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'Halfway Machchaye Jeil' will also feature many Bollywood and television stars . Brazilian actress Bruna Abdullah is prominent among TV stars like Sarah Khan, Ranjit, Prem Chopra, Raza Murad, Ehsaan Qureshi, Sunil Pal, Chopra Seth. In addition, Bhojpuri villain Awadhesh Mishra, Comedian Manoj Tiger, Birbal, along with the top five models of Bollywood will also be seen. A special song has been prepared on these stars in which all these will be seen playing hilab. 'Halafa Machacha Geil' is going to be released in May. This will be a special occasion for Bhojpuri cinema when so many TVs and Bollywood actors are seen in a regional film.

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