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New Delhi: Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone will be seen together once again. However, both will run on the ramp together, not in any film. Designer Manish Malhotra is happy with the fact that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone will go round the ramp for the seventh edition of their label organized in association with the Mizvan Welfare Society. Let me tell you, it was supposed to be held on April 9, but it was postponed due to the poor health of Deepika and Ranbir. Now both of them will be seen screaming on the ramp on April 19.

Deepika Padukone played the stage with 'Lungi Dance' Tehelka and Ranbir in front of Ranbir's dance dance drama

Designer told IANS, “In sharing this It is very happy that Ranbir and Deepika will walk in the JW Marriott for Mizan on April 19th, a project that is very close to my heart. I am really happy that Ranbir and D Health magazine is good and they can ramp for my show Walk. “

He said that he was thrilled to show the work of embroidery for Summer 2013. For the 'Mizvan Summer 2018' line, Malhotra is excited to showcase various embroideries and spectacular embroidery. Mizvan Welfare Society, working for almost nine years for women and girls of Mizwan in Uttar Pradesh. This will give them the confidence to try for their better future.

Deepika Padukone will not let her marriage at this Bollywood actress will be known by invitation, Shocked!


Malhotra on 19 April 'The Walk Off Mizwan ', in which the work of embroidery performed by the women of Mizwan will be displayed to support the campaign launched by late songwriter Kaifi Azmi in 1993. . It is currently operating her daughter actress and social worker Shabana Azmi.

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