Logan Movie Review: Mature, Dark, and Emotional at The Same Time

Hugh Jackman is back as Wolverine for the last time and he promises it to be a perfect farewell. Logan directed by James Mangold is Jackman’s last stint as the famous mutant that he has played for the past 17 years. The film takes place in near future where Logan is older and weaker.

Caring for Professor X and hiding from his legacy, he finds himself taking care of a young mutant pursued by dark forces. Now it’s on him to protect the young kid and his own legacy along with the future of X-Men.

Will Logan be able to bid a perfect adieu to Wolverine? Will the film be able to live up to the expectations of X-Men fans? What future do the X-Men franchise and iron claw mutant hold? Sameeksha from News18 is inside the theater to find out.

10:12 AM: #Logan takes place in near future where Wolverine is getting older and weaker. As it seems.

10:14 AM: So Professor X is sick and our very own Wolverine is his guardian now. Imagine what happens when a powerful mutant loses control! #Logan

10:19 AM: It’s like a dystopian world with no mutant around. What happened here? #Logan

10:27 AM: @RealHughJackman has a certain maturity in his character. It’s interesting. #Logan

10:38 AM: Guess we’ve found out new Wolverine #Logan

10:45 AM: The chase, the trill and the action will make you hold the edge of your seat. Brilliant. #Logan

11:10 AM: There’s intensity in every scene. Even the basic Marvel humour is dark. #Logan

11:16 AM: It’s so funny to see our very detached Wolverine trying to cope up with a kid! #Logan

11:24 AM: A normal life. This what Professor X’s students always wanted but never got. #Logan

11:30 AM: Some big twist. Bad guys always have it one step ahead! #Logan

11:35 AM: Lots of blood, lots of action and lots of emotion. This X-Men film is different. #Logan

11:51 AM: The story is told beautifully wrt to a dysfunctional family. It touches all the right chords in your heart. #Logan

11:55 AM: All hoots in the crowd as Wolverine gets his look back! 😁 #Logan

12:11 PM: The build up takes its time and result in this narrative. Engaging and enthralling at the same time. #Logan

12:18 PM: And that’s how we bid farewell to our favourite X-Man. Beautiful ending to a great mutant.#Logan

12:19 PM: #Logan is a pretty matured film when considered in superhero genre. Be prepared to shed a tear while watching this one.

12:20 PM: Probably one of the finest X-Men franchise film, rather one of the finest from the Marvel Universe. #Logan

12:23 PM: .@RealHughJackman take a bow. You are and will always be our original Wolverine. With that we end tweet review of #Logan. Go for this one.

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