Jay Shetty Wants to Fix Your Love Life With ‘8 Rules of Love’

“He’s beautiful, he’s charming, he’s educated, he’s thoughtful when he speaks,” said Fariha Róisín, a poet, novelist and author of “Who Is Wellness For? An Examination of Wellness Culture and Who It Leaves Behind.” “All of those things are part of the mystique,” she said, that also makes him palatable.

Last year, he started “The Daily Jay,” an audio program with the meditation app Calm, in which he gives listeners a seven-minute breathing and meditation exercise to do each day. In one episode, he talks about neuroplasticity; in another, he explores a Hindu parable about shifting one’s perspective. It has become the app’s most popular program, according to the company.

Focusing on love now, Mr Shetty said, is a natural evolution of his work. He is not trained as a couples therapist or a counselor, and while he sprinkles in stories about his relationship with his wife, who does not seem fazed by Mr. Shetty’s fame (she finished reading “Think Like a Monk” only this year and rarely listens to his podcast), his personal life was not the impetus to give advice about romance. Rather, he said, his advice was about helping people improve their relationships with themselves, and now he is simply teaching them to deepen their connections with others.

The new book explores the four Vedic stages of love — preparing for love, practicing love, protecting love and perfecting love — with simple exercises and takeaways. There is a list of first date questions like, “What is occupying your thoughts most at the moment?” And for readers in relationships, there is a “social calendar” worksheet — to help people make time for themselves that is separate from time with their significant other or with friends — “because the time and space we spend apart enhances the time we spend together ,” he writes.

On tour, rather than read an excerpt and sign copies of the book, Mr. Shetty plans to host an “interactive experience” devised to help the audience members deepen their understanding of their relationships, he said.

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