Brexit: Hauliers fear 'mayhem' at Holyhead port

There are claims Holyhead port will not be ready for the end of the Brexit transition period. Source link

Hauliers ‘very concerned’ about Holyhead port post-Brexit

Hauliers fear there will be “mayhem” at Holyhead port when the Brexit transition ends on 31 December. Holyhead is the…

Welsh Covid business grant application process ‘shambolic’

On 30 October, less than 48 hours after the fund opened, the Welsh Government stated that “more than 5,500 businesses”…

Covid: Taxi drivers earning 'less than £25 a day' in pandemic

The Covid pandemic means many cabbies are waiting hours for a fare, a union says. Source link

Covid risk: 3 people, 3 very different Covid risks. What's yours?

A question everyone’s asking: what’s my Covid risk? Here’s how to find out. Source link

Holyhead murder: Two men appear in court

Gareth Wyn Jones, 47, and Stuart Parkin, 38, are charged with David John Jones’ murder. Source link

Cyhuddiad cyswllt agos rhwng Plaid Cymru a Jonathan Edwards

Cafodd Mr Edwards ei wahardd am 12 mis ym mis Gorffennaf ar ôl derbyn rhybudd gan yr heddlu am ymosodiad.…

Covid: Care home residents to receive visitors in pods

Temporary visiting pods are to be installed at care homes across Wales to allow residents to receive visits from loved…

Y ferch fferm sy’n perfformio burlesque a sgrifennu nofelau

Yr awdur ffantasi Jodie Bond, ei alter ego Vixie Rouge a pham ei bod am fyw yn y wlad Source…

Covid: ‘Wales tiered lockdown’ may happen before Christmas

Tiered lockdown restrictions may be introduced in Wales in a bid to reduce cases in the run up to Christmas.…

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