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Hit TV show Frasier to be revived after 20 years

Kelsey Grammer, who played Frasier Crane, will return but it is not known if other cast members will too. Source…

South Dakota seeks to remove attorney general involved in deadly crash

South Dakota’s top lawman could be removed after officials say he fatally hit a man with his car. Source link

GameStop surges again as Reddit crashes temporarily

Trading in GameStop shares halted minutes before markets closed but jumped again in late trading. Source link

Biden's Covid stimulus plan: It costs $2tn but what's in it?

Democrats are working on a massive package of measures to help the US through the pandemic. Source link

Tiger Woods fans react to his car accident

People on a golf course near Tiger Woods’ Florida home said they were “freaking out” when they heard about his…

Rare bird: ‘Half-male, half-female’ cardinal snapped in Pennsylvania

“I have been searching for the long-thought-extinct ivory-billed woodpecker for almost two decades, and photographing this rare version of one…

Johnson and Johnson vaccine: FDA finds the single-shot jab safe

US regulators say Johnson and Johnson’s single-shot vaccine is safe, and could be approved in days. Source link

Daniel Prude: No charges for US officers over 'spit-hood' death

Officers in New York were filmed using a hood to restrain Daniel Prude until he stopped breathing. Source link

Biden holds first foreign meeting with Canada’s Justin Trudeau

“US leadership has been sorely missed over the past years,” Trudeau told his American counterpart at the beginning of what…

Lawrence Ferlinghetti: US poet and publisher dies aged 101

One of the leading lights of the beat movement, he published the likes of Kerouac and Ginsberg. Source link

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