Middle East

FSO Safer: New deal to secure oil tanker abandoned off Yemen

The rebels reached a deal granting a UN team access to the tanker in July, but the decision was never…

Saudi surgeon dies at work in hospital operating room

“He died while performing his work. He is a martyr,” Dr Al Shehri said, according to the Gulf News website.…

Qatar 'identifies parents of baby abandoned at Doha airport'

During a search for the mother last month officials ordered invasive exams of women passengers. Source link

Israel PM ‘flew to Saudi Arabia for secret talks with crown prince’

Flight-tracking data showed a business jet previously used by Mr Netanyahu travelled to the city of Neom, where the prince…

Shamima Begum: Justice and the jihadi bride

Shamima Begum ran away to Syria as a 15-year-old to join the self-proclaimed Islamic State. But when the terror group…

Covid: Gaza health system 'days from being overwhelmed'

The Palestinian enclave is running out of ventilators as Covid-19 cases soar, experts warn. Source link

Lebanon inmates break doors and die in car crash after jail-break

They are among 69 prisoners who managed to escape from a jail near the capital, Beirut. Source link

Saudi FM Adel al-Jubeir plays down G20 summit boycott calls

For the first time the G20 meeting of the world’s leading economies is being hosted by an Arab state. A…

G20: Saudi Arabia’s human rights problems that won’t go away

“While world leaders meet at the G20 summit under the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Yemeni children will be living in…

Egypt arrests: UN condemns detention of human rights advocates

Dozens of activists have been arrested under President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi. Source link

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