Myanmar coup: Facebook, Instagram place immediate ban on military

Facebook said deadly violence in Myanmar had brought about the need for the ban on the military. Source link

Singapore: Police officer's wife admits to killing Myanmar maid

The domestic helper from Myanmar was reportedly tortured and starved before her death. Source link

Man survives 14 hours 'clinging to sea rubbish'

Vidam Perevertilov’s decision to swim towards a “black dot” – a life buoy – saved his life. Source link

Australia passes law to make Google and Facebook pay for news

The world-first law is designed to make the tech giants pay news publishers for content. Source link

The South Korean prisoners of war enslaved in the North’s coal mines

“Generations of people are born, live and die in the mining zones and experience the worst type of persecution and…

Rescued orangutans returned to the wild

An Indonesian rehabilitation centre in Borneo has released 10 orangutans into the wild. Source link

2032 Olympic Games: Brisbane preferred bidder, IOC announces

Brisbane would be the third Australian city to host the Olympics after Melbourne in 1956 and Sydney in 2000 The…

Johnson rules out boycott of Beijing winter Olympics

Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey tells Boris Johnson he must act over “genocide” of the Uighur people. Source link

New Zealand: Rescuers save 28 whales from stranding spot

Rescuers have successfully refloated 28 pilot whales on a notorious New Zealand beach where they had repeatedly beached themselves. The…

Fortescue mining firm regrets Australia sacred site failure

Fortescue apologises to an Aboriginal group for clearing a sacred site without its members present. Source link

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