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An investigation into allegations of bullying within the Welsh Government has concluded that Carwyn Jones had not “misled” the Assembly.

a report by James Hamilton QC that the First Minister “had not breached the ministerial code” in his answers on the matter in Parliament.

He added that “definitive evidence” was not “toxic atmosphere” and “culture of bullying” that he was within the Welsh Government.

Mr Jones was accused of misleading the Assembly when he said that there were no allegations of bullying made in 2014.

Those allegations were made by the former – Deputy, Leighton Andrews following the death of Carl Sargeant.

Question in 2014

Mr Jones commissioned Mr Hamilton former Irish prosecutor and independent consultant to the Scottish Government , in November to advise whether the First Minister had breach of the ministerial code

Following a suggestion that Mr Jones had misled the Assembly when he told Conservative Darren Millar on 11 November 2014 that “no allegations were made” of a culture of bullying among special advisers in the three years before.

In response then on November 14, 2017 to questions in the Senedd by Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies, Mr Jones said: “Any issues that were taken to my attention at the time were dealt with with them. “

That followed the allegations by Mr Andrews, and a former special advisor who described” a toxic atmosphere “within government.

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Carl Sargeant was found dead four days after he had lost his job in the cabinet

Mr Andrews said that Mr Sargeant, who was found dead in November 2017, “was an inconvenient target for some of that behavior.”

In November last year Mr Millar said that he had asked the The question in 2014 was for Mr Sargeant to ask him to .

Carwyn Jones acknowledged that there was “unrestricted” and “conflicting priorities” within the previous administration, but that “there was no specific allegation of bullying ever introduced.

During Mr Hamilton's investigation, BBC Wales heard allegations that some were reluctant to contribute to the investigation in case they “become a target”. [19659009] 'Not misled'

In his report, Mr Hamilton stated that he had not found “any evidence that reports or allegations of bullying by a special adviser or consultants had been presented to the First Minister before 11 November 2014”. [19659005] He said that there were three ministers – Mr Andrews, Mr Sargeant and L Esley Griffiths – raised concerns about a special advisor's “attitudes of behavior”, but there was no evidence that a complaint had been raised about the issue.

Mr Andrews had evidence of “white” to the First Minister on November 19 2014, but “there is no evidence that the issue in question could be described as bullying, and the allegation was strongly denied by the consultant”.

Mr Hamilton added that he had not found “definitive evidence” that bullying had taken place within that time.

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James Hamilton was the Director of Public Prosecutions in Ireland between 1999 and 2011

“As a result, my conclusion is that, as the First Minister's answers on 11 November 2014 and 14 November 2017 were accurate and true and not misleading, the First Minister did not break the Ministerial Code,” he said. 19659005] In response to the findings of the inquiry, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies said his party “welcomed” discharged the report, as it “set an important precedent, especially in light of the Prime Minister's legal threat, Carwyn Jones, to stop the publication of a similar report as a result of an investigation into unofficial discharge. “

He added that he” now expects the Welsh Labor Government to publish the report to release information without delay “.

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