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Drag shows have become more popular in recent years. The author and actor Alun Saunders from Cardiff have been a fan of the scene for many years. But while he has been following dragons for many years, at the age of 38 he ventures in the field for the first time '…

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“Mae drag, i, gave a license to say and 'telling me if I would not be brave enough to' say as Alun, “said Alun, who says that drag queen queen shows, for some, can be scared or stuck .

Connie Orff, who will be performing at the Millennium Center in May for the first time, is intended to drag his character, is “make people laugh for themselves”.

“Since I first went out on the gay scene in Cardiff, I've been watching drag acts and has been a big fan for years,” he said.

“Drag is changing is quite a lot right now and the RuPaul's Drag Race program, [y gyfres realiti Americanaidd ar Netflix] has brought a drag very popular.

“I've been watching a great deal of that program . Fi at 7pm on Friday ready to watch – i love it!

“But drag queens of Britain that influenced her more.” No one called Lady Ding was performing when I started going out on the scene in Cardiff, she was One of the most funny people I've ever seen on stage, and she died about a year after I started going to see her. And that experience stayed with me.

“I started writing a stage drama called Tuck, about the lives of a group of friends who work together as drag queens . People usually see the performer, but there's a great deal of happening behind the curtains in the lives of these people. But I thought, how could I write a drama about a drag when I never made myself? “

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Connie Orff

Alun went on a course at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern in London, every Monday night for ten weeks, which was a great deal of effort, said he was father of two children and lived in Cardiff.

“I took the children to school in the morning, then went on National Express to London, worked there in the afternoon before walking along the river to the Royal Vauxhall Tavern to do the course, then go back to the bus to Cardiff late every Monday night.

“The Royal Vauxhall Tavern is a London tune for drag performers, that's where Lily Savage started off or I understand, and it was a special experience.

“By the end of the course, I had to perform for ten minutes and I decided to write about my life, why I want to do this, logistics of doing the course in London when there are two of children with you, and although I was completely terrified I enjoyed it. “

'Laugh on myself'

Alun Saunders, or Connie Orff, will be performing a one-man / one-man-sized show at the Ffresh Millennium Center in Cardiff in May, and says – although he has experience of performing in front of an audience – that the idea fears him.

“Make a stand up in scary . You can not show that you are scared or worried about it.

” I'm in The show is a dress. Alun does not disappear and Connie appears. I'm doing a stand-in, but as another character, and for me, the performance is important. The drag is a way liberating of being quite a camp.

“The show will be bilingual and what excites me is having an audience who does not usually see a snapshot in the Welsh language and pull them in. Give the message do not worry if there is a “I'm in Welsh at the show, you'll understand some.

” I live in two languages ​​and I want to try laugh at the elements that are funny about learning a language and speaking two languages, and perhaps to give confidence and inspiration for those who learn Welsh.

“The evening in Ffresh's sea is intended to trial material relating to offenc e and how our society is so ready to be sinned by everything and so we're risking I lost a comedy and a laugh at things, especially laughing on ourselves.

“If I can laugh at myself, then we all have to laugh at ourselves. Some people can see drag acts in spite of intrusive and stubbornly, but Connie Orff's intention is to stop being stubborn – but it's not nice to be nice either – and laugh at any what, how silh and frustrated life can be. “

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