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CCTV controllers told the RSPCA they thought the cat may have been thrown from the block of flats

A cat is being cared for by vets after it appears to have been thrown from a block of flats.

The animal suffered a broken jaw in the 100ft (30m) fall in Guild Close, Birmingham on 6 April, but amazingly survived.

CCTV controllers raised concerns and called the RSPCA who took her to Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital.

The animal charity is trying to track down the cat’s owners to find out what happened.

The cat is black and white with a tabby tail.

Insp Mike Scargill said: “The cat may have slipped and fallen on her own, but it’s very concerning to hear that the CCTV controllers think they may have seen someone actually throw the cat from the building, so I’m very keen to speak with anyone with information who might be able to tell us more.”

The RSPCA is also asking any members of the public who may have information about what happened to come forward.

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